So what happened to ASB? is closed. All good things must come to an end.

The short story is that Tranmir and I have decided that the forums need too much maintenance for too few remaining visitors. We've had a fun ride, but now it's over.
I would have loved to prepare something long winded and more meaningful to announce the closing, but I'm very busy in real life and my sentimentality for these forums always gives me the worst writers block whenever I do get a chance to try to think of something. Eventually I'd like to get to writing a more heartfelt farewell, but in the mean-time I can't just leave this unannounced anymore.

For those remaining that are interested, we've opened a discord server called “ASB REFUGEES” to chat in. Everybody's invited to come in, say hi, ask stuff.. whatever. As long as people remain civil, it's all good. (ASB REFUGES)

See you there.


PS: We have no plans to share the forums database or put up a read-only instance somewhere. We'll gauge future potential based on discord participation.